Frequently Asked Questions

Academic Requirements

Questions related to academics such as grading system, cumulative average point and modules are answered here.

Students are expected to read the full load of 20 MC per semester. Subject to approval, you may enroll in at least 12 MCs but not more than 24 MCs of modules in each semester. You are recommended to divide your workload equally over your programme duration.

The CAP, which is the weighted average grade point of all modules taken by a student in NUS, is represented as follows:

In NUS, each letter grade corresponds to a grade point as shown below:

Grade Grade Point
A+ 5.0
A 5.0
A- 4.5
B+ 4.0
B 3.5
B- 3.0
C+ 2.5
C 2.0
D+ 1.5
D 1.0
F 0

Students in the MSc in Management programme must maintain a cumulative average point (CAP) of at least 3.0. More information on the NUS grading system can be found here

Graduating Requirements

Questions related to candidature, graduating requirements.

The MSc in Management degree will only be conferred to those in the double-master programme after they have completed all obligatory components for both CEMS MIM and MSc in Management degrees.

The maximum candidature is 2 years for the MSc in Management programme, and 3 years for the Double-Masters with CEMS.

International Students

Questions on moving to Singapore, housing and transition.

The International Students Section within the Office of Student Affairs provides a wide range of services for all international participants studying in NUS.  Please click here for more information.

To ease the transition for new international students to NUS, the programme office will also arrange a buddy for each student to share practical information.  Pre-arrival connections with the buddies can be done via email or Facebook.

Please refer here for housing information.


A GMAT/GRE score is not compulsory, however, a good GMAT/GRE score will qualify you for study awards and priority in exchange placements

This section will answer your questions on GMAT/GRE.

Generally, a score of 700 out of 800 for the GMAT, or the GMAT equivalent in GRE is expected. If you wish to be considered for a study award, a GMAT/GRE score needs to be submitted.

You may submit the preliminary GMAT scores, i.e. the Verbal and Quantitative scores. These scores are known immediately after a GMAT test.

For GMAT, please visit the official GMAT website. Please designate “National University of Singapore” (GMAT Code: DRT-MK-19 MSc in Management) as your GMAT score recipient.

For GRE, please visit the official GRE website. Please designate “4642 – NUS Business School MSc Programmes” as your GRE score recipient.