Corporate Involvement


Cooperating with different organisations helps to bring a new learning dimension, in addition to the theories and knowledge taught in the classroom. These hands-on experiences often help to simulate actual working environments.

CEMS Business Projects
These consultancy-like projects allow students to work in teams to solve an actual business problem faced by a company. Corporate representative(s) and a faculty advisor will be assigned to each team to provide support and advice during the period of the projects. CEMS Term Abroad students will participate in this in Semester 2.

CEMS Skill Seminars are usually conducted in both semesters and are on topics that help graduates kickstart their professional careers. These are typically 4-hour long sessions. Examples include Crisis Management, Ethical Leadership, Negotiation Skills, etc. These sessions can be open to other NUS Business School MSc students.

The CEMS Global Citizenship Seminar allows CEMS Term Abroad students to engage with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This usually happens in Semester 2.

Corporate Engagement and Networking Sessions
These sessions are usually conducted to foster closer relationships with students, and can be in a social or a more formal setting. Our student clubs are constantly reaching out to corporations for various forms of engagements to understand companies and their culture, and can include company visits, networking sessions, talks by senior executives, etc.

Internship Opportunities
Internships allow students to simulate real-world work environment to develop critical soft skills such as teamwork, time and project management, etc. Interns usually have graduate-level responsibilities. MSc in Management students are highly encouraged to take up internships during the May to July university vacation period. An 8-week (minimum) full-time internship position will be required for all students in the CEMS programme.

Corporate Partners

For companies, the opportunities to collaborate with our students bring additional benefits:

Company Branding
Companies may have domains or expertise that are not as prominent, but which they wish to highlight or address. These could also be new divisions or units where companies want to start building or cementing their expertise.

Employee Development
Companies can utilise these engagements as training opportunities for selected representatives in various aspects, e.g. in public speaking, training and development, enhancing leadership or project management skills, etc.

Access to high-calibre and highly diverse students
A stringent admission process ensures that our students are academically, professionally and socially exceptional. Our students also come from a variety of background and culture, and can offer different perspectives.

Pathway to identify suitable candidates for potential employment opportunities
Through increased interaction with our students and the work completed by our students, suitable candidates can be identified easier to explore further opportunities with the company.

Opportunities to identify new and/or review current processes and strategies
Our students can offer external perspectives to a company to identify current bottlenecks in a company, or to suggest improvements to the new or current processes or strategies.


Some companies which we have worked with, and what they say:

“The experience was definitely positive. We got really good insights and perspectives, and in some projects we were surprised at how much was achieved in a matter of a few weeks.”

“Overall, the deliverables of the project exceeded our expectations. The improvements and expansions to the existing model were so extensive that the original tool is barely recognisable anymore. The user interface for the tool was significantly improved and is highly customisable for future adjustments. The uploading of data is now much more automated and therefore easier. The students were very flexible and customer-oriented in terms of collaboration. They did not hesitate to equip themselves with new skills that were required to enhance the model.”

Empire Code
“The students we have worked with have been extremely outstanding and I would definitely do it again. As much as we are putting in as a project sponsor, this is a two-way collaboration which is meant to be beneficial for us and the students. The students worked hard to propose good recommendations that have met and exceeded our expectations.”

“We are very impressed by the high quality of work delivered by this group of CEMS students. The students managed to become subject matter experts in a complex industry & topic in a very ambiguous environment. They needed minimal guidance throughout the course of the project and managed to effectively solve challenges along the way. Their final recommendations are very actionable and will serve as a basis to a refined product strategy for the region.”