A student automatically becomes an NUS alumnus upon graduation, and gets to enjoy the benefits that come with it. In addition, NUS Business School has a dedicated alumni unit, the Global Alumni Network Office (GANO), offering a platform for developing relationships, raising the profile and standing of alumni, promoting a spirit of giving and volunteerism, providing lifelong learning, and fostering internal and external alliances.

Regular events are spearheaded by both Student Clubs and supported by the alumni clubs and the MSc Programmes Office to facilitate the interaction between alumni and students. This also enables alumni to get up-to-date information on the happenings of the programmes and the School.

The NUS MSc in Management Alumni Club (MMAC) was established in early 2016 to recognise the growing batch of alumni, and to provide opportunities for alumni to enhance themselves socially and professionally. It also seeks to serve as a platform for alumni, current and potential students to interact and build closer relationships and to form a common identity.

The CEMS alumni in Singapore is a group of diverse international individuals who are committed to carry on the CEMS spirit. The strong CEMS identity allows them to connect no matter where they studied previously.